snow face

Peaches has been bouncing around in the snow. Can you tell? A little sticking to her?

Just like me. When I go NEAR my dyes, they find a way to add themselves to my skin. Blue fingers? Did you somehow use that hand to touch your nose? And did you brush too close to the art with the edge of whatever you’re wearing?

Like Peaches, I wear my surroundings. It’s the dead of winter in nowhere NH, so who cares? But a couple of years ago when I was visiting a friend in Portugal and we were packing up, we crossed paths with a young woman. She was wearing bangles, a gorgeous long skirt, nice boots. In the conversation, she said she had just returned from India where she had discovered her “divine feminine”. Her divine feminine? I LOVED that. What a wonderful reason to dress accordingly.

So, yes, I began the experiment last summer. I put aside my slacks and junk clothes and … wore skirts, dresses… paid attention. In fact, it was a load of fun. I do love skirts. And dresses.

My “divine” clothing lasted until – maybe late November. The weather had its way. Pants are just plain warmer. I mean pants on top of pants on top of pants. It’s been cold. Cold for a long time.

But also, my skirts… they started to wear my art. They did. They drape so beautifully, and I am always squatting down to floor level to do my dyeing. Aaah well.

The divine feminine lives on, however. Spring will come. I will not be dyeing every minute. And did I mention that I have plans to actually show my art?

Yeah. Art show(s) coming up. And to celebrate the occasions, what might I be wearing? No, no. Not my art smudged clothing! Guess again!

Yes, yes. Whoosh! Whirl! Love that swishy skirt.