physical movement

Yeah! Shovel that snow! You love it!

In fact, oddly, I DO love shoveling snow. I like it because I can make shapes/path/ clear spaces. It’s artistically satisfying to me. You see, in the photo, the pile the snowplow made. That’s not my work, excuse me. Look at the much more refined path to the door, please. I claim that.

But really, aside from the love of shaping the world of snow, I admit to just loving physical movement. The cold weather has been so so cold that it’s not good to be outside for long. Today, it got above zero (fahrenheit) so Peaches and I decided to explore the mountain trail nearby. Okay, it was tough going. I should have brought snow shoes. But no, I decided to wear boots. Unwise. Each step was work. Oooof! Deep again. The pup patiently followed as I slogged along.

Would anyone else want to do this? I LOVED it! Outside. In the sun and snow. Moving. SO great. I sometimes think I should have been a wall builder, lifting stones all day. Instead, I work with the most delicate materials. And with how light shines through them.

But even with the soft cloth, my work is about movement. I’m inviting the viewer to enter my world. And to move through it.

Without the deep snow. And the slogging. Just the dream.

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