I don’t know why I have the pup adorning a piece I titled “slowly”. Momentarily she’s still. But slowly? That’s rarely her style of movement.

By contrast, it’s my pace of producing art. I take a lot of time. Lot of time.

In the latest Art in America, there’s an article called “Slow Painting”. They suggest the slow speed can be an act of resistance against our fast world. At times, I’ve considered if that was why I take so long. But I don’t think I can honestly claim that as the reason. It’s my process: the time it takes to prep and dye. Over and over to get that particular color. And shape (if there are designs). And finally, frame or hang.

I admit, I do, at times, find myself impatient. I’m hanging the piece on the 5 hangers now. I thought it would be quick putting everything together. Not so much. I’m working on the one white wall I have – and it’s in a narrow hallway, so I can’t get a camera back far enough to show photos of the parts as they come together.

In line with the pace all along, the revealing will be slow as well. I see the photographer on March 13. Wait. Wait. Wait. Someday, you’ll get to see this work of art: this mysteriously slow piece.

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