a little off

I woke up today all hot and bothered. Not a bit like the image above with its delicate details of snow blowing across the ice. More like – it’s been too long not doing art.

Two days and I’m bent out of shape… I was listening while riding in the car, and they were talking about biological disruptions: those that are productive and those that are not. The productive ones – in rain forests and coral reefs – are when there are minor disturbances. In the ocean: a storm, in the rain forest a tree falling. Those disruptions actually help. They give an opening to biodiversity/new “ideas” as they recover . In contrast, A tsunami or logging do the reverse – they are too large an impact and nature takes a long time to come back, often with fewer species.

So, no, two days is not a tsunami. But yes, my insides are going: DO SOMETHING. Yeah. Time away can build up that head wind to come back against and get going.

Right now I’m putting the piece together. It’s not the time when I’m birthing the work. But as I see it become coherent, I’m onto “what’s next” anyway. I’m wondering, if next time I took this and did that… ?

An opening. Sun coming in. What will arise?