as the pup does

Peaches loved this cold winter. Now it’s warming up a bit : she’s found a mound of snow to stay cool. Me? I’m happy to be a bit warmer.

I look at my pup and think she and I are so different. For example, we are out walking on some trail – no one is around. Peaches is all over the place, bounding this way and that. Then one day, we run into some other people. With dogs. Peaches freezes. What? After that, she walks on the trail, right behind me. Takes two steps, looks back : is there anyone else coming? Oh my god, she’s sooooo cautious. Next day, we go back. “I remember,” she communicates to me as she walks behind me, just in case.

How many walks later? She’s bounding again. And then, we meet more people. And dogs. Well, she’s slowly, slowly getting better. Less afraid.

And me? I think, what a pup! But then, maybe she could say, what a person! if she could see how I’m that way, too. Just creeping along with caution, sure that there is SOMETHING to worry about.


Yeah. The OR NOT place. That’s where I want to live. Man, look at her when she is fully alive, present, exploring. Seeing this. Running there. Whooopeee – do! Loving this world.

That dog. Okay, not so strange after all. She and me. We just gotta let go of “those people and dogs” in our heads. And then, run riot!