stay on it

Not a great photo, this one. It’s of an embroidery I did a while ago. Each of the girls is thinking about something different. Focussing here there and everywhere. That’s me.

I’m in my end of work on a piece phase. Lots of details. Glueing (yes glueing) in an attempt to hold the pieces on their hangers. Delicate. Many pieces. Don’t mess up. Not now. Keep your head on straight.

Don’t think that you are on this blue ball that’s riding through space that is tiny compared to the trillions of other not-blue not-balls out there. Don’t think that you are related to lichens somehow, but they cover half the earth and you don’t. Don’t think about the fact that birds can see two more kinds of color than we do and that we lost ours because we lived in caves for so long. Don’t think about how fast mosses turn green the minute the snow melts around them and then you have to wait for so long to see green anywhere else. SO LONG!!!

Yeah. Just pay attention. Be the girl in front, for Pete’s sake.

Get the glue on.