It was almost dark. Almost. I wanted the camera to catch pitch dark. Nothing. But when it really was black nothing, the camera would not click. No photo of nothing.

As pertains to nothing, I was reading this great African myth:

This farmer would milk his cow every day and get his milk happily. At some point, there stopped being any milk. Day after day. So one night he waits up to watch to see what’s happening. Sure enough, in the dark, these star maidens descended from the heavens and proceeded to fill their baskets with the milk from his cow. He rushed out and managed to capture one of the maidens. She agreed to stay and to even become his wife on the one condition: that he never look in her basket. He agrees and they are very happy together. All is well. And then one day when she is out in the field, he looks in her basket. There’s nothing there. Nothing. When she gets back he tells her. He said to her, I don’t understand why you told me not to look in your basket when it’s empty! She tells him, “Now, I have to go. But I just want to say that I’m leaving, not because you went against your word and looked in my basket, but because when you did so, you saw nothing.” And she left.

So, here at this time when there is so much going on with STUFF. Trees, gifts, lists, plans. Stuff.

How about nothing?

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