Sunrise. A few minutes later, the pink is no longer pink. But it’s so gradual, you miss it. Slow motion.

A number of years ago, I started an art blog. Almost immediately I was apologizing for how little there was to report: definitely not enough art happening day-to-day to maintain interest, I realized. Art is slow for me. I take months on projects. And day by day the change is incremental.

The process incorporates many tiny decisions which are all influenced by how I feel, mistakes I make, realizations that occur. The warp and weft of life. Playing into my work.

And then there are the interruptions – like in the last while with family that I deeply love. They’re fuel for my soul. And that feeds my art. But … the evidence comes later. Slower.

Incremental changes all add up. They become the art I produce. They change the color of the sky.