It’s getting near the moment, the “instant”, when we all notice time. The year changes numbers. At an exact moment.

In Isaacson’s book on Leonardo da Vinci, he mentions the correlation the da Vinci makes between art and time: that the dot, the point, has no dimension. But when it moves, it creates a line. Similarly, the instant has no before or after. But accumulation of instances creates time.

All those uncountable instances that created 2017! And in one immeasurable one, we have a new year. And that instant passes. More come.

I love how mathematical the understanding is. That flow comes out of something that cannot be measured. Yet, we use that unmeasurable instant/point to mark space and time.

I think of the many many snowflakes – tiny “points” that land so innocently on the landscape. More than a line, they become a mass. A mass of white.

I don’t think of points when spreading wet dye on my cloth – that cloth that sits to dry in front of the white backdrop of snow (in photo above).

But I do think of the odd moment when I decided, “this is the exact color I want”. Not the one I had attempted earlier. Exactly this one.


Exact point? Exact moment? Exact color? Exact anything?