look close

Do you see that triangular shape just outside my house? That, dear viewer, is a raccoon. Just happened by to check out whether there was access during these very cold times.

And a few days ago, on the new snow, there were tracks the beavers left from pulling small saplings they had chewed down to the – then – water.

And there is the mink I see every so often. The foxes that traipse across the snow-covered lake. All of these secondary to the sometimes bears.

I should be focussed on the outdoors even more than I am. What do I miss with my eyes on my art all the time? I would have missed the raccoon if Samsun hadn’t sighted him.

Always, choices. What to focus on. What you miss when you aren’t looking. And then… what you accomplish BECAUSE you aren’t looking.

It’s night now. Focus on the indoors only. Art time. Only art time.