It snowed a few days ago. Beautiful powder snow, about a foot of it. And then it turned cold. So the lake just now is freezing. Clear ice.

It’s so rare that the ice isn’t covered in snow. But this was a coordinated effort on the part of the universe for maximal beauty: soft snow on the ground and smooth ice on the lake. For a short while.

I want that kind of organization in my life.

Today I had the day with no pup (off getting to know other pups at doggie day care). What a difference for me! I was able to do a lot that she finds way too interesting: prepping cloth on frames that are full of things that she loves to nip and pull.

Basically, I was working on set-up. And I was organizing. The fabric that needs this here, the dyes put back in order over there. It makes a difference when I’m doing my work. And it gets disassembled also when I’m doing that same work.

I kind of hate the tediousness of “taking care of things”. But, I tell you, when you CAN’T get to it at all, it suddenly takes on a different slant. I was glad to get some of it done. Appreciative of the opening.

Little things. Like the few days when the lake is clear before the next snow. They can be unexpectedly sweet.

Right, Peaches?