Peaches is after something. Determined. “I’ll get it!”

My dear friend, Robbie, sent me a beautiful book a while ago: Enduring Grace. It’s by Carol Lee Flinders, an author who was already known her as a “food warrior”, writing one of the most well-known vegetarian cookbooks. Introducing this treatise on early Christian women mystics, she talks about another hunger – that hunger of the soul… “the wilder, more insistent hunger”.

I thought of that notion of hunger as a driving force today when I was reading about the death of Linda Nochlin. Linda Nochlin was most famous for her article “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” which came out in 1973 in Artnews magazine and rocked the art world in the US (and elsewhere, I’m guessing). She was erudite, scholarly, dynamic. And the topic was a burning one.

And now, when I’m reading about her as a person, she sounds so fun: getting to know her while smoking a joint in Paris? (!)

But, the way that I was introduced to her was via “required reading”. Homework. School. I’m sad to see now how that detracted from my appreciation for Nochlin.

Instead, I found Ann Truitt. On my own. She was my private find. And she answered a hunger in me. She talked about her life and her art/ her grown children and grandchildren mixed pages with how she found time for her work, other artists, her shows. Her questions.

She was the inspiration for my writing. I wanted to offer my own version of a journal – as a balance to the academic perspective. For those hungry for simple “nourishment” along the way.

Day to day stuff. Mixed with deeper stuff. For those seekers…

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