color but not color

I don’t know. Is Peaches orange? Hmmmm…

For the past couple of days, Victor was visiting and we were listening to classical music on WCRB – streaming it in. He had found the station for me; he listens to it all the time. He commented that he thought lately they were playing too many horns. And that he thinks of horns for jazz and not so much for classical.

Horns? I hadn’t even noticed to separate them out. But I told him that I have a “thing” about whenever you hear spiritual music it’s always the damn flute (yes, I hate it in spiritual music)(how unspiritual of me). So I got what he was saying.

And then I thought of how I had mentioned my use of orange in my latest art piece. But, truth be told, only when I thought of my father in retrospect was I THINKING, “OH, I’m using orange.” No, the orange was actually just an instrument in the whole piece.

Yes, it’s a color. But, it’s a color interacting with the others. Part of the symphony.

When color is working, it moves the eye. The color is there to play off the color before, the color after; the color under, the one above. It’s what makes the music. Not separate. Even those paintings that are solid color either have slight variation within, or are referential to the surroundings. Color – it’s a hue. And also a journey.

On some level, you knew all this. Even if not consciously, you have felt the delight of being swept up by color. Carried away. Seduced.

By how it all comes together.

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