I was viewing an excellent social media tutorial which started out with the assumption that everything on the web is contending for the viewer’s … attention. You guessed it. And how to “win” in this game.

It struck me. That word attention. And what I notice.

So, I’m walking along in the early evening. The rain is still raining but the sun is coming out. The snow is still here but the ground is beginning to breathe. AND – oh my goodness – what is that SOUND? It’s the most mellifluous sound ever! So many song birds above me, around me, merging their songs in such sweet ecstasy. I haven’t heard this kind of bird song in so long. What I hear is “Spring! Spring! Spring!” It’s like the world belongs to those birds. And it does. When I tune in, it does.

And don’t I want that to be the attention my art gets? Not in a battle. But in a discovery. A lift.

A bird song in the spring.