coloratura (*)

Quite by mistake, I published a post with NO writing. I left you wondering, no doubt, what that word meant? I had JUST discovered it today and was so excited to share it. I guess too excited!!!

It was in this essay in Zadie Smith’s new book and it is in reference to music. The author was mourning the loss of complex tones on the internet because the first person to put out software was satisfied with this tinny sound. So that’s what we get now, all the time. We have lost so much including the “soprano’s coloratura”. Can you resist loving that word???

I immediately applied it to the nuances of art that go missing as well. And also, get misrepresented. I used my iPhone to take the photo of a part of my piece (above). In real life, the horse on the right and left are the same color. The wall is white. And doo-bobs that hang in between are purple (yes), yellow (yes) and grey (!). I took the photo and then edited the color. I got close to some, not others.

But what I see in the photo is not accurate to the piece. It can’t capture a lot of what’s there, especially the depth. Thank goodness this piece will be hung in a space where it will be seen in actuality.

I recall not too long ago that I was lured to see a show by the internet photos. When I saw the art in person, it was so drab by comparison, that I was let down. But now I see how that impulse to “up” the color is everywhere.

I’m wishing for coloratura to be felt all over. I want that music with all it’s depth and tone. I want the art with the whole range of color represented, honestly and with pride.

To be heard. To be seen and felt. Coloratura.