an aside

I have a ridiculous story to tell.

I don’t know if you’ve been noticing this ongoing saga of my not wonderful health humming in the background… I’ve been dealing with it since the weather turned cold.

That’s a clue.

I did kind of run myself into the ground. No question. But I seemed to NOT be able to rebound. Except, I would tend to feel better in the warmer times when I was outside more.

The other day, for some random reason, my dear carpenter friend, Fred, recommended I get an air cleaner. Okay, good idea, I thought. Why not?

I ordered one. This HUGE box came. I called Fred, “How big is this thing supposed to be?” I forget his answer; I was sure this was too big. I promptly set up a return. But my computer was out of commission so I couldn’t print the label that day.

Meantime, I ordered the smaller version air cleaner. It arrived. It was the SAME size. (I later learned, they had mistakenly sent me the same one). Fred asked”Did you even take the first one out of the box?” Are you kidding? No, of course not. That huge box? I then opened it up and inside was the right one. Not so big as it seemed from all the packaging.

I plugged it in yesterday and…

I usually can’t say that one thing, just ONE thing made the difference in how I feel. But, yes, this one thing really has made the difference. I’m struck by that difference.

My energy is back. My chest isn’t tight. I can breathe. My eyes aren’t runny. I’m not using 50 tissues in a day.

And now, what to do with this energy??? I had thought it was a past tense me. That person that had energy.