I made a mistake when I was cutting out this horse shape yesterday. I proceeded to throw it away. In the night, it occurred to me that it might not be “good”, but it could possibly be true.

Such a key distinction. Not good or bad, but true or not. That idea has repercussions through so much of how I’ve made decisions in my life.

As a “good” girl, what mattered was not truth. Truth? No, appearance. Good appearance. That’s the good girl.

And going further, in art. Good? Good for so long was what was narrowly defined as something that was considered sacrosanct in the long evolution of mostly male, mostly Caucasian art. That is all being challenged and redefined now in the global internet art world.

As a child, the one focus of my art was the horse. Drawing the horse. I never seemed to be able to draw that “good” horse.

Take away good. Put in true. It changes everything.