little things/big things

I took this photo earlier in the day. Peaches looks so innocent here. And she is. She just needs to go outside now and again. It can seem like now and now. And again and again. Do you hear a hint of self-pity in there?

So it’s pitch black dark out tonight and getting colder all the time. I take her out all full of obligation and I look up. The STARS! They are so clear. And I remember my friend telling me this is the time of meteor showers. This night and the next few.

I look up at those – how far away stars? How many of them? How many miles and years are they away from me?

And I then reflect on my art. That concern I have with getting the it “right”. It matters to me. That color. That line. That shape.

Yes, I see now, how tiny it all is in the context of that universe.

As I walk my dog outside, again.

Thanks, Peaches.