a little different


What female person can resist this? I couldn’t. I ordered it off Etsy a while ago. I couldn’t wait to serve food on it… have the words revealed in the course of the meal.

When it arrived in this smidgen box, I had my clue: it was NOT the size I’d seen in my mind. It was… a little different. Tiny.

It now holds my dish cleaning scrubber. Just as apt. But quicker to reveal the message.

Today I was with the pup, walking in “Paula’s snow” that she just happen to blow over this way from Canada. Thanks Paula! (harumph). And okay, okay, yes it was really beautiful in the woods. It was. Every dark line had a white coating. Edibly delicious.

Then, as I came into the open field I noticed a cluster of THAT weed. I want to say that **** ( choice word) weed! I hate it. It’s tall and juts out with these branches that end in this bulging bunch of berries that has no finesse at all. UGLY.

BUT today, with that snow (remember? Paula’s snow?) – the weed looked – well, a little different. The berry bunch, with snow on top? It was sumptuous!


So, yes. I thought to myself as I headed back home: if perchance this art that I’m creating does NOT turn out. If it sucks. I mean SUCKS.

I can just ask Paula to: “SEND SNOW!”