getting it hung

I’m testing to see if I think the velcro attachments (loosely pinned for first look) will work. I think they do! That means I can attach, and later disattach my silks. I need them to lie flat when transported.

Whew! I am so relieved.

In fact, so relieved that I spent a ton of time just being giddy. Like a kid spinning in circles. I took time to learn how to crack open a coconut! (it took me a while) But Yay! Yay? Yes, I love love love coconut and now I can eat them fresh. So yummy.

The story behind my celebration:

That velcro. It was my latest idea for hanging my work. I’d driven 45 minutes to Concord, 45 minutes back. And then doubted the idea. I put the new purchase away, trying to conjure another idea that wasn’t – well – velcro.

But then, today, I tried it. “It won’t do”, was the voice inside my head. But would it work? I was surprised. Pleasantly.

The practical side to art is its own challenge. Like many things, when it’s done well, it looks as if it never was an issue. That’s what I’m after: that effortless look.

Oh art. There’s the idea and then there’s how to make it work. Yeah both.

Darn it.

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