I ordered this amaryllis November 20. Red for the holidays. When it hadn’t budged/was still only a fat bulb on December 31, I emailed the company. They said: give it more time. And sure enough, a few days ago a bud peaked out of the soil. This morning, the bud was touching the base of the plant. Now look! It makes me so happy watching it grow. And grow.

Just growing.

This afternoon, I took my pup for a walk with my friend Jan. She has this nice long dirt road near her. Long. Dirt. She suggested I let Peaches off the leash. It was so fun, walking with Jan and watching the pup run and run. And run.

Just running.

Right now, in my art, I’m spending many days getting my fabric ready to assemble into the final project design. Numerous 15″ pieces of cloth. It’s something I particularly enjoy: putting color on cloth. Not all the time that the prep takes. But the dyeing itself. All the dyeing.

Just dyeing.