For some reason the phrase, “God is in the details” was running through my mind when I was looking at the glory of the trumpets on each of these daffodils. Resplendent. In a British gardening magazine I get, there was an article on a spread of daffodils in England that was so affecting that it brought grown men to tears. So much beauty, so much feeling.

I was gone for 2 days, left early yesterday and returned late today. In the interim, I can see that there was heavy rain. And now it’s pouring again. The flowers are soaking it up. Watered and blooming and showing off.

When I leave, I feel as if I’m losing time. I’m not with my art. It’s “raining” and I sometimes can’t see how it contributes to my work.

But in fact, I was going to Boston partly for art reasons. I needed… get this: to buy paint. Uh-oh. No, not to shift to painting canvases.

I want to paint the supports for my silk piece(s). In the past, I’ve used silk even to add color to frames. But, this time, I want the wood I use to be painted. And I want to work with the frames at the same time I’m doing the fabric.

I LOVED being back in the art store. All my silk supplies are from far away. But a painting store: such possibilities. And… when I’m in the store, I could see what I’m getting and I could be so specific. I could really hone in.

In search of the details. For the trumpets on the daffodils. But would my goal be tears? Hmmmmm. Not sure I’d phrase it like that.