I’ve struggled mightily with the balance to strike between the sweet smell of roses and the addictive rush of achievement. ~Neil Hanson.

Who doesn’t share that sentiment? I’ve been quite sidetracked by the “roses” lately, although I’m not sure it’s smelling them as much as tending. And not always just roses. Dear friends. Wonderful family.

Oddly enough, this spring has been chilly. In fact, cold. I am still wearing long pants on a run and am reluctant to dip in the lake water. Along with the cool temperatures, there has been rain. And wind. Days that are darker than usual.

Kind of like this piece that I’m working on (above). Dark water. Waiting for the sun.

And then, the sun comes out. The skies lighten. And it’s glorious to be out. The piece below is perhaps heading in that direction.

Will I get the “rush of achievement” from my art with all these “roses” around? Maybe not the rush. But bit by bit, I create my art, easing toward that goal: achievement.

Working the balance…