20 somethings

This pretty much sums up how I feel today. In words: “Where am I? What was I planning to do today/tomorrow/ with my life? What’s happenin’?”

So, yes, I am both rejoicing and, well, dealing with the spontaneity of life with “20 somethings”, as I now wrongly call my children. First of all the “thing” part is about the age, meaning 25 or 28, so I say 20 something. But now, yes, Nika turned 30, AND she’s no longer single. So, she’s jumped ship. But the others are still in that wonderful period of life after the prescribed time of school (through college) and before some next phase of anchoring, caused by such obligations as children or that job that has tenure track or a compelling reason to stick to it. And because of that – this less structured, this freer time in their lives – I am moving about in unusual ways myself: I drove back from Boston at some crazy hour last night, through a summer hail storm, to offer my car to Ariella this morning so she can go see Nika and Scott overnight in Maine and come back here before Samsun arrives tomorrow with his new girlfriend. Did you have trouble following that? All this was planned … yesterday. And even now, yes the plans keep changing.

And isn’t it really how I want to live? To be in this state of maximum flexibility? To look at my art in this way: to say, okay, I thought I liked it like this, but if I move this, and that affects that, and the whole piece shifts with the new input. Look at the LIFE that is happening now.

To be 20 something continuously: what that offers. Who cares where I thought I was? How about, riding with this. And this. And this…

All right, already.