full on

The slightest movement, what might seem like a small decision one day, magnifies over time. Like an arrow whose direction is ever so slightly adjusted, the new path follows that course. Slight move, different outcome.

Last was it August? September? I joined an online artist group run my Martin Stellar. He was launching the group. I was not sure what I was joining.

I was uneasy at the start (to put it mildly), since it meant showing up weekly. Showing up weekly to talk about my art. Talk about my progress. Before that, I blamed (yes blamed) many factors on why I had not gotten my work out into the world. The one I did not mention, or perhaps even recognize fully was how I was so easily interrupted in even producing my work. I have many roles, and certainly art is the one that is easiest to forego since it’s mine only. The others impact other people. Only belatedly do I now realize, so does my art.

Regardless, suddenly, I was every week facing the truth: the time I had given to making my art. The second truth was: there were people that wanted to see it. At the encouragement of the group, I took a piece to DC in September and, instantly was given an commission for a 30 foot wall to go up this spring. Oh dear. Art HAD to happen.

The wall commission is now up. The weekly meetings of the group are yes, still going on, going strong and I am… making art. Putting art out into the world.

Not only that, I’m thinking differently. I’m EXPECTING to do my art continuously instead of expecting to be interrupted for long stretches. And I’m so inspired by the dynamism and challenges of my sister artist friends that I want to create more and participate more in this whole becoming that art offers. Why get interrupted? Why put it aside? Why not burn brightly? Dye fabric red? Lots and lots of red. Full on.

One decision. The trajectory: reset. The arrow is still moving.