Where once there was a moon, now there is moonlight. Where once there was the moon, now there is then moonlight… It’s an incantation.

However, I DID need an accent, a highlight in that area. So, I substituted a kind of line, Sadly, you really can’t see what it does for the whole piece by barely showing you those flitting yellow pieces.

My friend who’s a carpenter dropped by yesterday – not someone who spends time in an art gallery. I thought he’d be a good one to run by the question: “Do you think that line of yellow helps the piece?” He said “Yes it does.” It’s great to have someone coming in with a blank slate to answer those kind of questions for me. Valuable feedback.

Those few yellow pieces create a kind of line – as if light is peaking over a ridge. Somehow it suggests movement. Movement of the light as it relates to the suggestions of light in other areas. That action works with the piece in a way that the static moon did not.

Still using the squares… but following the feeling of the piece itself. The feeling of peace itself. (okay, enough of the incantations)