Can you see the dog? He’s pretending that he’s a mountain. There are mountains in the background. Mountains in the art, too, right? No one can see him…

Earlier today I was out throwing the ball for Rumi. He loves to retrieve. Up and down the hill. So fun. I knew it was going to rain later today, so I wanted him to wear out, run longer than usual, since he hates to run when it’s wet underfoot. So, he was willing to go a little further with encouragement, lots of cheering. Then, at some point, he was done. Not going to do anymore. To let me know, he cleverly hid behind a tree. I couldn’t see his head and torso but I could see his tail wagging from one side of the tree to the other. So funny.

The hiding dog.

My art piece is… yikes… nearing completion. Yesterday, Rhonda came and we made sure all the threads that hang over the supports are doubled and strong. So, now… what I’m looking for is what’s hidden: where I inadvertently have a thread sewn outside – v. through – the silk square. I’m searching for other seemingly hidden details that might not show up now, but later would be such

little tails wagging.