What else could my art look like? One thought I had was : a pixellated computer drawing. Sort of. All those bits.

But then last night I was reading Hope Jahren’s “Lab Girl” when I ran across this passage that totally caught my attention:

Different minerals have different chemical formulas…. Such differences give rise to differences in shape that persist even in powder form….Each grain of salt in a salt shaker is a perfect cube when viewed up close. Grind one grain into a fine powder and you have shattered it into millions of tiny, perfect cubes.

So, there is a scientific alternative. My art could be a recurring chemical combination: mirroring nature.

For some reason, today I wanted to add to my pixel/chemical combination. How about a moon? I could use it to pull some colors to one end from the other.

So I put together more of my “bits”/squares. The darn moon, of course was square. Obviously. It was made of squares.

I liked it for a moment. It wasn’t cornball – my first concern, but it was separate. All the other areas moved. It stood alone and shifted the whole piece into confusion.

I spent a lot of time on this moon as I tried it in different places. I wanted to see if I could make it work. The chemistry was not there.

No moon. Not even a square one.