A close up. I now am not sure about my idea that was so thrilling yesterday. When I was “close up” to it, I was just pumped. And so full of why this was such a great idea, why hadn’t I thought of it/remembered it? I was working with my needle and thread, working right up inside the piece.

And then, this morning. Stepping back. The overall view. Or maybe 2/3 of it – at a slant, no less:

The camera can’t get the whole wall effect – the green continues, but what matters at this stage of the work anyway is that I get enough intense green going that it dominates. The hit must be SPRING GREEN. The pink/red : just a touch in comparison, just enough to make the green “zing”. So if I get that to happen, then the other is refinement. I can play with all the secondary tunes.

So it’s color that matters most. That’s was where I started, what I’ve been aiming for all along. BUT I love that new ideas unexpectedly appear and seem so brilliant in the moment. Makes it all so alive.

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