I’m dog sitting little Otis. Here he is with my pooch, Rumi. They get along very well. In fact, when I have to leave for an hour or so, I know Otis will be fine. He’s with Rumi.

And that’s my word of the day. With. I was reading a review of something that went viral on the internet and the reviewer’s comment was how thin the attention was – here and gone. No one stayed “with” it.

And “with” is so deeply soothing to each of us. Time spent with someone. Time spent with something. In some place. Caring. Even time apart to be with oneself.

Certainly, I’m getting a lot of time WITH this piece of art.

And even as I create the piece, I look at how one part relates to another. They need to belong together. One part leading to the next, taking your eyes along. One color WITH another.