The Earth Moves Under My Feet

Or is it me moving? How do you feel when you’re up in the air, flying? Excited? Apprehensive? Not so sure?It’s always a little scary for me, even though I’ve flown many times.I don’t know:Will the plane be on time? Will I hit bad weather? Will it land safely? DId I pack everything I need? […]


The crunch of crusty snow underfoot. The cold wind in your face. The woods to yourself. It’s February. Peaches loves February. Sniffing for scents of animals who have left tracks in the snow. Or, rather, ON the snow. Me? Well. This winter? It’s tough. A lot of ice. A lot of lousy footing. Kind of […]

oh dear

How timely. I just finished reading a book on Ai Wei Wei. It’s his autobiography which is more about who he is than a display of his artwork. But WHO he is = so impressive. Not only for the excruciating circumstances of his childhood years in Maoist China but also his recent term in jail. […]

speaking of mess

It’s only the weather. The gluey heavy mess outside. That mess. It’s been tough to enjoy lately. Weather. Why talk about something you can’t control, right? That’s why. It’s that – what we can’t control that kind of catches us up. Especially if it’s NOT something we would ever want to post on – yes […]


It’s been snowing out. Wind and snow. What they call blinding snow. And they call it that because what you are able to see is just what’s in front of you. Not far away. Not beside you. Just you and where you might take those next few steps. And as you walk, you can see […]


Some days you just start off on the wrong foot. In a lousy mood. You should meditate. “Should”. You don’t. Instead, you do art. Why is it? Or how is it that making art can be so transformative? You know everyone is different. You’re not recommending that low mood. No way. But you do notice […]


First of all how did this get printed? I found it years ago in – CVS? – maybe. I admit, I was looking for cards that you can’t believe exist. But when you find one, it’s a gem. Like gold. It had gotten hidden behind more organized belongings in my bathroom. But I was doing […]


When someone says the word green what color do you see? What’s crazy is that the mind usually is more a determinant than the color itself. Sun on green in the early morning can turn it into straight yellow. But you saw that tree yesterday. You know it’s green. Perhaps what I love most about […]

July 4, 2021

It’s July 4. And it’s little bit wet out. It’s been more than a little bit wet now for days. For the loudest time of year normally, not so noisy this year. It’s pouring rain. Soggy. Like my paper towel where – yes, I’m experimenting with color. And, yes, the colors do look quite a […]


You have an idea. And image. This. This is what you want to create. Or not. You have a blank slate. Canvas. Silk, in this case. I think that blank has always intrigued me. It takes me back to when I was a child and my mother would keep this basket of art supplies. ONLY […]