Some days you just start off on the wrong foot. In a lousy mood. You should meditate. “Should”. You don’t.

Instead, you do art.

Why is it? Or how is it that making art can be so transformative?

You know everyone is different. You’re not recommending that low mood. No way. But you do notice that it can be a springboard. Which makes you wonder about your attitude towards those feelings. The judgment of low mood as worthless. And even on the demands you not so subtly make on yourself to “be happy”.

You recall reading a book a number of years ago written by a man from Great Britain. He described himself, as British, being skeptical of all this American pressure to be positive/happy. He had come from the opposite angle: where someone who smiled all the time was the odd one out.

So, yeah. You started your day off in, was it a British mind set? No. More than lacking a smile.

But hey? Not happy. Hmmmmmm.

Food for art, possibly.

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