My pears have started falling off the tree. They look – yes, yellower. Right?

And they taste really sweet and juicy. Worth waiting for. That ripeness.

That color.

Who likes to wait? Who likes that – “just a few more minutes/days/ months?”

And yet, we know. It’s always that last – what – 2%? That last – we’re almost there – that makes all the difference.

It was hot today. It’s been cold, especially at night. The lake was calm. If you lowered yourself into the water gently and were able to swim just on top – on that 2% – it was heavenly.

It made me a believer.

Even though I know… I know it’s cold underneath and getting colder.

I’m still relishing the fruits of summer: a yellow pear. The warmth of surface lake water. As I carry this into my art.

Surface of yellow. Warmth of color. And how that makes you feel.