Can I say I’ve started doing art again?

I was sidetracked there for a while. After my whole wrist smash-up and excitement over using my left hand and – well – pain in my right hand, I somehow went sideways. I took that pain in my hand/wrist/arm to mean “don’t use”. But in fact, not using my right hand was actually making the pain worse.

Time off. Lost sleep. Then trying to get the right hand to start up again. It’ll be a year, I’m told, to get my wrist back. And a lot of that time spent doing PT and massage, etc. (hear my sourpuss voice).

The good news: finding a phenomenal PT helper: THANK YOU, Anson Ly! And getting clarity on what to do and expect. So, right now, it’s uncomfortable typing. But typing = good.

And doing my art using my right hand = a must do. After a short while of use, I feel the pain. But a certain amount of pain is good. Moving is good.

So, I’m at it.

Did you see the silk? The cloth? It’s out. It’s waiting to be understood, manipulated.

Waiting for my movement.

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