remember when

Ariella and I were walking along. She was pushing Cecilia in the stroller. I had Peaches on the leash alongside. It was the dog walk/people strolling time of day: 4:30 ish.

That was today.

That was yesterday.

That was the day before.

But each day was quite different. One day, Cecilia – in her out of the stroller walk – sat in a puddle. The ground is cold and so was that puddle. We had to take all her wet clothes off and wrap her in my warm sweatshirt. A bundled baby.

Another day, Nika forgot Cecilia’s outdoor shoes and we allowed Cecilia to try walking on the sidewalk. In her soft indoor booties. Did I mention that it is not exactly warm? She immediately went up on her tiptoes, gasping for breath.

And so, yes time is passing. But there is a stillness. As if it’s a dream, going on and on.

And I ask you:

Vaguely, do you remember when? Remember when it wasn’t this dream? Remember when you thought you knew what might happen and when?

This dream will shift. And we all will remember. Remember when…

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