So, where’s your hat, Nana? Cecilia is all snuggled in her cap with ears. Not me.

But I’ll have one on soon enough. Not with ears. If only.

We will head down to the dog park. Cecilia will see it coming. All the dogs running around. Bedlam.

She’ll start saying: “woo-woo”. Short for woof-woof. And when we are there she will see the boatyard. “Bo”. And the ducks. Did I hear a “qua-qua”? I’m trying to recall.

The other day, I took some child’s scissors and tape over to play with her. I was going to actually use them. But Cecilia was mesmerized by what they were, not what they did. She kept saying “szszssszz” for scissors as she held them skyward. And with the tape, it just got stuck to one finger and the next. Stuck. What is this stuff?

And when I did use the scissors: magic! One paper became two! What happened? Can you do that again?

She took the scissors, the “szszszsz” and held them up. She couldn’t use them. But she could sense their power.

Beginnings of words. Beginnings of ideas. Just sensing potential.

At this time when she loves wearing her animal ear hat.