(nature’s art: “drawing” from pruning done by latest ice)

On the highway, I passed a truck with a big sign on it: Find Your Beach. I loved it. On a drab day in February. So funny.

I get home. Take the pup to the dog park. It was a miserable no good horrible weather day. But we dog lovers were out dutifully with our canine companions walking beside the ice chunked river. Ahead of us, there was a familiar site: the boatyard.

Recently, they’ve added this kind of small hut. It stands on stilts, above the dark water. For the snow, they covered the roof with plastic. It’s … well, ugly.

But on this no good horrible nasty weather day, we looked at that little building in the river – what is it for, anyway? – and began to fantasize: that it was a Tahitian thatch hut. That it was surrounded by aqua inviting water. That we were headed for a day of snorkeling with the sea turtles.

We all were laughing. Laughing and laughing. That little whatever-it-is just transformed before our eyes. And we were all there. Maybe even with our pooches.

We had changed the color of the building. The sky. The water. .. in our fun imaginings. And the day itself.

Yeah. Color. Just adding a bit of color.

(found our beach)