Cecilia and I spent time together yesterday. We were busy creating. I was putting things in order – stacking the colors along their poles. And Cecilia was taking it all apart, very quickly. I regret that I don’t have photos of her creations. Especially since they was never as predictable as mine. Those glorious messes.

Yes, why didn’t I shoot a photo of them? Of the always changing discombobulations ? Certainly, they were to be celebrated.

Today, I was in my studio, working on my art. I decided to turn my piece upside down. I wondered: how did it read from a direction that I was less attached to? In the process, the silk sections glommed together, got all out of place, and … what I had on hand was a mess. AAAUGH!

Now, in retrospect, I like to think the mess helped. That what I wanted was to be more and more free to see – really see – what it was that I was creating. And if I already have it in my mind’s eye, perhaps I needed a boondoggle to refresh my vision.

What I needed was: to thank the mess.

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