Right now, it’s pouring cats and dogs. And windy. But last night: the lake was the picture of peace. Just what I needed to greet me after a long day.

I had closed up the house in Bath, Maine, where I spent the winter and was still visiting until now. I then drove here (with all my art). Toooooo much time on the road back and forth. Not enough time staring at the lake water.

Which is really what water is for, right? To stare at. To absorb.

To bathe you in its reflected light. To let it flow over you and enter into you. To soothe you.

To allow you to space out. To let you be carried, like a child, into ease. Into care – less – ness.

To let nothing matter so much as being here in this moment. You. The artist.


Thank you, lake. Thank you.