made it!

Isn’t it crazy that we use the words “made it” to mean, on one hand : made by hand. On the other: got to this place. Yeah.I made it to Maine. And yeah, I made it: all that stuff piled up in the photo that I brought along with me.

As opposed to the house in NH, which has window after window, this Maine habitat has… yes, white walls. Soft white in the night. When I chose this house, what I loved was the space and the light. Now that I’m here, I see those beautiful walls. And I understand why galleries paint their walls white. They show off color. They really do.

I don’t have anything on the walls yet. Not yet. There’s, well, plumbing and heating that needs work first. Basic stuff.

But the walls are there. White/soft white. Waiting.

I made it to Maine.

Now what?

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