the doing

(screens up: good)


Next Tuesday, my dear pup is getting spayed. A good thing. But for the week afterwards she is supposed to not run. NOT RUN? She’s a puppy!

So today was wet. (she is also not supposed to get wet) I thought, let’s start to “practice” being calmer. Let’s not go for that walk we always go on. Let’s slow down.

Well, she didn’t know the meaning of slow down. And I felt off-kilter. I was like: “what do we do when we don’t do that?” Slow down? How?

Here is this sweet pup that is now beautifully mirroring me. I have SO MUCH to do. So she expects SO MUCH to do.

I actually pressure myself less than I once did. I realized that the doing doing doing was not always beneficial. What mattered more was where the doing was coming from.

The doing. The art doing. Where DOES it comes from?

For me, it’s like a deep melody. It’s an uncovering of that song. When I access a thread, it pulls me in. Understanding: that perhaps comes later.

Some people claim fear as their lead. Not so for me. Fear takes me into my head and tangles me up in endless fruitless thinking. Totally counterproductive. It’s taken me painful years to realize that my art sources from another wellspring.

So, quiet is a resource for me. Slowing down is not a bad thing. The hard part is: I LIKE to go fast.

It’s going to a long seven days for me and my pup.