green and green

I’ve been raving about spring green lately. The green you see above is not that one, not the sharp new green that appears with the first leaves and grass. This is a subtler woods undergrowth hue; the kind of tone that you find on the forest floor. Pure comfort.

And it’s also perhaps the most common green. It tends towards red, and even perhaps brown/grey. Lovely.

As you might guess, I’m a lover of gardens and woods. Therefore, I enjoy looking at garden magazines. Not just any garden magazine, but especially Gardens Illustrated, a British magazine,which, of course tends to emphasize the UK (gorgeous gardens). To balance that, I feel the need check out the American Fine Gardening.

Well, what I am noticing is this rather large discrepancy between how the British magazine exhibits the color green versus the American rendition. The British is subdued, what I see as realistic – as above. The American magazine by contrast seems to have photoshopped the greens to a crayon tint.

This way of shifting colors – while I enjoy it myself when playing with Instagram – sometimes seems unsettling to me. It’s like, I just want to see the garden. Not that idea, that perfect idea someone might have of it.

I’m protective of reality. Or maybe the quieter end of reality. Not all bright and jazzed up.

When I look at photos of gardens, I want the jazzed up green only when nature is doing it. All by its thrilling self. No doctoring.

I want, as close as possible, to see the already gorgeous green of the original art.

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