summer ahead

I dug out my planters – buried in the garage so they wouldn’t split from the freezing cold of winter. I popped the impatients into them: ready to celebrate another glorious season ahead.


The planters are back in place next to the water. I also put in 36 black-eyed susans along the rugged super sunny dry strip along the road up top. And spread lettuce seeds in my raised beds.


And now… soon the lake and surroundings will fill again with the people who come when it’s warm. Trickles at first. Then crowds. They will see my planters, my black-eyed susans. And those who know me will share my lettuce.


I’m finding my way out of a seemingly endless winter, with my planters, new plants, and seeds. As I put one thing and the next in place, I feel as if I’m emerging. Emerging from the cave of winter into…


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