some days

Some days…

Some days I create so much that doesn’t work. These pieces – no good. And I could have predicted, when I was cutting them, that they would not turn out well. I can tell.

If I’m off. If something is not right. If I’m trying but not present. Any or all of the above: it doesn’t happen. My scissors show me how clear I am.

Or not.

Some mornings I can’t go wrong. Other times, I can “get by”. And then, the last alternative – time to do something else:

Check for ticks on the pup (it’s a bad year).

See if I can unearth the dining room table (in case someone wants to enjoy dinner).

See if I can unearth my art table (in case I want to move my art from the dining room table).

See if I can unearth my art storage area (in case I want to move the random items on my art table).

You can see where this is going.

Some days…