One day later ~

Look at the reflections. This is what has been missing for so long. The sky, the light of the sky in the water.

As I’m pouring over this book on Caruncho, I understand now why water is so compelling in his gardens. He works in southern Europe away from the coast, often. No lakes around. And he adds pools of water to import that element of light multiplied.

As that light returns to this place, I can feel the joy it brings. The optical effect goes right into my body and seems to lift me up. And soon that feeling will be magnified by my response to the arrival of spring green here: so acidic and bright – those first shoots of grass and tiny leaves. Almost yellow. Then bright yellow-green.

Add to that the sounds, the awakening of the critters in the woods. I’ve seen already: a red fox, a small scurrying raccoon, a skunk. No bears yet. But lots of ducks and birds. I’m not the only one glad to feel the warmth.

But maybe I’m the only one as excited about seeing the light. The light magnified by water. The water mirroring the sunlit mountains. The sky.

The only one light hearted literally.