worry / play

I don’t feel good – I have this kind of really lousy chest thing going on; so I used that as an excuse to go into full-blown worry. “This could be the end” kind of ridiculousness. Oh yes.

Thank goodness I had arranged yesterday for Fred, my carpenter friend, to come by and bring me slats for hanging my work. I had had it kind of roughly situated on these other boards – drooping in wave-like forms. It took several tries to move the cloth onto the new slats (or the correct length ones). In the process, the precious waves went totally limp.

These things happen. Make it. Mess it up. Go back at it.

But see it now? See it all kaffuffled? Isn’t that an open invitation to jump in, move it, make it work?

Yes, to keep that invitation going. That’s the key. To have that edge leading me from one incomplete area to the next, to pull me forward and draw me into the art. Day in day out.

And then to leave the finished piece a bit incomplete. To invite the audience to participate in the play, visually. Finish the line…

Did I say I felt lousy? Well, honestly, I still kinda do. But I also am kinda excited about playing.