I was so thrilled that I got such an early start on my day – cloth on the hill just soaked with dye. And then…. I hear in the not so distant range, this high-pitched “beep – beep – beep”!

I think to myself, “No! Not my driveway!”

I had placed a bright red cooler on top of the hill so any driver could see it. Any driver except an oil truck, backing up. Thank goodness I was outside and heard it coming. The driver sees me (not the cooler) and stops. He gets out, assesses the situation – I know his hose can reach from the top of the hill to my house. This is NH. The hoses are looooong here, for good reason.

So he backs up as close as he can come to my dripping cloth and then I stand next to my cloth to prevent the hose from running across it. He’s, shall we say, not so thrilled.

But, he has time to regroup while filling the house tank. (And yes, sadly, I do use oil. I’m not a wood stove only person.) So, then, he’s done and he’s now looking at this rather colorful cloth and asks me “What is that?”

I tell him it’s my art. He’s quiet for a minute. Then he says, “In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like that!” and breaks out in this big grin. He stands there, taking it all in.

And I realize: this is a show. He’s at my live performance. And he seems to be beautifully affected by it.

What a moment. Unexpected. Someone just “beep-beeping” down my driveway.