what matters

It’s snowing. It’s cold. And my dear Peaches is recovering from her romp outdoors. She loves the snow. And I do love her.

When she’s not passed out, she’s wide awake to all that’s around her. And that wakes me up. Not quite to the extent of my young ones with their lively presence. But I can still interact with them, even when they are all over the map. Plus, I have a lively, warm and wonderful internet art group. And others that I care for deeply and interact with from afar.

And that matters.

In this business book I’m reading that’s written by Ray Dalio, at the very start, he focusses on this:

In thinking about the relative importance of great relationships and money, it was clear that relationships were more important because there is no amount of money I would take in exchange for a meaningful relationship, because there is nothing I could buy with money that would be more valuable…for me, meaningful work and meaningful relationships were and still are my primary goals and everything I did was for them. Making money was an incidental consequence of that.

Wow. How’s that for speaking truth?

I’m up here. Doing my art. In the middle of nowhere. And close to so many.