those trees

Those trees I saw in Maine. They aren’t like the ones here in New Hampshire near me. They are old and covered in grey crinkly lichens. And they have ancient dead limbs climbing horizontally up to the living green above. They beg to be drawn. To be painted. The lines, the spaces, the character.

I didn’t have my camera along on my runs. And I don’t have those trees to study now, nearby. But I have the idea. It’s churning inside as I return to the work of color – only color- that is in front of me.

I’ve been drawn to Giorgio Morandi lately. His palette is subdued. His lines are so sensitive. It’s all nuance.

The future is luring me. I’m steeped in color and seeing the next, or what I THINK is the next chapter ahead. So exciting to be somewhere and be so stimulated. And to come back and want to GET what was offered.