taking a moment — or two

(“what happened to the beautiful snow?”)

I just got back from overnight visiting Nika and Scott – and Ariella, who had come up for the weekend to see them and to ski. They invited me to ski too, but I figured that I could get art done on both days if I planned well. But that I couldn’t do that if I skied. The DC project, a wall hanging, takes time.

What I didn’t account for was that the time away was actually productive art wise. As I was in the car for two and a half plus hours each way (stopping for the pup), I came up with an idea for the design that is much better than the one I had in mind before the trip. Much better.

In the car, I even was saying to myself, “Whew! Good thing I took off when I did!” If I’m recalling correctly, it was Carl Jung who remarked on how key “away” time is for creativity. That when the mind is not ON the project, ideas and solutions arise.

And yet, I’m always surprised.